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What is Customs clearance ?

It is the act of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the movement of cargo into a country (import) and outside the country (export).


BRExit No Panic Customs Clearance 24/7 and Transit T1/T2 documentation

Should your business use a customs broker? 

If you’ve been researching your business options for importing to the UK so you’ve probably come across customs brokers offering to help make HMRC customs clearance hassle-free. 

Reducing the stress of importing is certainly tempting, but is it really necessary to use a customs broker or can you deal with the authorities yourself?

This handy guide can help you decide whether using a customs broker is the best choice for your business.  Read More

How to import goods ?

Importing goods means bringing in something from another country – and it passes through the customs clearance process on arrival. Import trade is regulated by customs authorities. They control the flow of goods and are responsible for collecting duties and taxes.


What is an importer?

An importer is a party who makes, personally or via a broker.

An import declaration and who’s responsible for the payment of duties and taxes.

On shipping documents, this party would often be named a buyer or consignee. 

In most cases, the importer is also the owner of the goods being imported.